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Service Request Essay

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Service Request
December 24, 2012

Service Request
Riordan Manufacturing a global plastics organization employing 550 people with plants in Albany Georgia, Pontiac Michigan, and Hangzhou China. Dr. Riordan a professor of chemistry founded the company in 1991 with many polymers processing patents. In 1992 Dr. Riordan bought the Pontiac plant manufacturing plastic fans, then the purchase of the Albany in 1993 for their plastic beverage capabilities. The year 2000 saw the purchase of the China plant, where the fan manufacturing has been moved, allowing the Pontiac plant to be retooled for custom plastic parts. All these facilities are governed by a human resource ...view middle of the document...

Each record change must be submitted in writing (on specified forms) and manually entered into the system.

Project Requirements
To grasp the service being requested and the necessary requirements the following stakeholders will be questioned; Finance and Accounting, Training and Development, Recruiters, Managers, Employee Relations, and Dr. Riordan. Suggestions shall be gathered and discussed in the following manner/s:
Focus Groups; collective interviews between individuals for both questions and solutions
Workshops; ability to interact with many stakeholders
Surveys; anonymous stakeholder suggestions
Documentation review; preview of company documents to further refine requirements

According to Mazen and ElKayaly “the core of an HRIS system contains all relevant human resource data facilitating access, maintenance, and processing activities.” As it stands Riordan’s older system employs different programs on stand-alone systems, the most common program between all the systems being Microsoft Excel. This separation of systems creates duplicate records and an over abundance of paper files. For the upgrade all HR records will be stored on a central database at the home office with access to each satellite office through Riordan’s intranet:
Job recruitment
Employee files including but not limited to resumes, job reviews, pay rates, personal exemptions, hire date, and vacation hours
Employee handbook: electronic access
Policies and Procedures: electronic access
Department managers may view and update these records in a user friendly interface, eliminating paperwork and duplicate files.


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