Service Request Sr Rm 022 For Riordan Manufacturing

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Service Request SR-rm-022 for Riordan Manufacturing
Christina Noll
December 6, 2014
Instructor:  Morton Smith

Service Request SR-rm-022 for Riordan Manufacturing

Before the project begins information needs to be gathered from key stakeholders and from observations of how the current system works and is used. Next this document will describe information-gathering techniques that can be used, as well as systems analysis tools that can and will be used for the project. This document will also identify key factors to ensure that information required for the project is gathered successfully. An explanation of the importance of the project scope, will be given. A description of the ...view middle of the document...

The facilitated session technique is suggested because it allows the stakeholders that are in a different location to participate by facilitating a video conference. A video conference is a good way for everyone to be in one place and to be able to discuss how the systems work for them at their facility. This technique allows for the project manager to get the whole picture of how the system works for the entire company.
After one or both of the above two techniques are complete, then we can move on to discussing which systems analysis tools will be used for the project. There are four different systems analysis tools that have been suggested for this project. The first one is: Shared Drivers, the second one is: Simulated Engine, the third one is: Feasibility Studies, and the fourth one is: Requirements Lists. All of these analysis tools can be used or just a few of them.
Shared Drivers, also known as, similar documents or server-sharing tool, allows for everyone in the company to use, update, change, and send electronic documents, regardless of their geographical location. This analysis tool also has a chain of custody that is created to keep track and show who has made changes to the documents. This also allows the company to save expenses on paper and ink because paper and ink is not required.  (Writing, n.d.).
Simulation Engine systems analysis tool allows the company to view a simulated function of potential products, processes, or systems before the company takes the time or spends money to implement a new system. This tool allows the company to choose what system would be best for their business. This tool also allows the company to view potential problems that might cost the company a considerable amount of time and money.  (Writing, n.d.).
The feasibility studies analysis tool allows the company to determine whether the project is worth the time and effort. Feasibility studies is a document that describes features and benefits of the new system. It also itemizes costs, resources and staffing then describes the potential value the new system will have for the company. (Leander, 2014)
Requirements lists analysis tool is helpful because it keeps a running list of the requirements. These lists will be organized by categories and presented in either list or outline form. This tool also helps to limit which features are necessary and which are not needed. (Leander, 2014)
The above tools are useful to ensure that all information gathered is accurate. The two techniques that were suggested are key factors when it comes to ensuring that all information is gathered successfully. The one-on-one technique allows a hands on approach to the information ensuring that it is accurate. The facilitated technique ensures the successful gathering of information on how the current systems work in all geographical locations of the company.
Project scope determines and documents a list of specific goals, deliverables, tasks, costs and deadlines of a...

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