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Setting Essay

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Setting in Soilder’s Home
In the story ‘Soldier’s Home’ by Ernest Hemingway, the setting throughout the story helps us better understand the main character and why he acts the way he does. In stories the setting helps us build a frame around the characters about the environment they live in and what they go through in their life. “In most stories they also serve as more than backgrounds and furnishings. If we are sensitive to the contexts provided by the setting, we are better able to understand the behavior of the characters and the significance of their actions (Meyer131).” In this story, the author gives us glimpses of Harold, the main character, and what he is going through in his ...view middle of the document...

There are many stories of young men in the military back then of being with the woman from the countries they had to go and fight in.
Krebs returns home from the war years after it had ended, so people were not as welcoming because they did not understand why he had come back so late when everyone else had returned much earlier. The setting shown is people shaming him from staying over there for what they believe is no reason. It shows you that a soldier returning from war, being welcomed by no one, could make an impact on the soilder much worse than those returning to people actually caring. Krebs is hesitant to talk to anyone when he returns. He had been to “Belleau Wood, Soissons, the Champagne, St. Mihiel, and the Argonne..(Hemingway133).” These were all sites of the war that the Marines had to fight the Germans to push them back. During these battles, many lives were lost and the fact that Krebs had been to all of them must have made it hard for him to remember them and be able to talk about them. He ends up wanting to talk, but can’t find anyone who wants to listen to him. “Krebs found that to be listened to at all he had to lie, and after he had done this twice he, too, had a reaction against the war and against talking about it (Hemingway133).” This illustrates that telling stories about the war that would intrigue people ended up making him hate what he had done. The lies he would tell would make him seem ‘cool’ but really made the truth of what happened even worse. It brought back the memories of all of the fallen soldiers and the men he had to kill, it made people resent the soldiers for going to war and becoming killing machines. He would talk about how the German woman would be in the forest chained to machine guns unable to comprehend what was going on. Krebs would come to realize that people would not want to hear these stories because they are simply barbaric to the men that did not go to war. It also would bring back bad memories to the soldiers that did see those woman and how it made them feel.
“Krebs acquired the nausea in regard to experience that is the result of untruth or exaggeration, and when he occasionally met another man who had really been a soldier and they talked a few minutes in the dressing room at a dance he fell into the easy pose of the old soldier among other soldiers: that he had been badly, sickeningly frightened all the time. In this way he lost everything (Hemingway133).” This scene shows how when Krebs would actually meet a soldier who went through what he went through and they talked about what actually happened, he would fall into the past of what he saw and went through. Post Traumatic stress disorder is what is being shown here happening to Krebs. When this happens, veterans of the war become very depressed and feel empty inside from what they did in the past war. Adding this scene in the story shaped Krebs to feeling lost and feeling like their was no reason for him to be on earth. He would...

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