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Severe Depression Essay

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Severe Depression
July 20, 2014

What causes severe depression? It's not known exactly what causes depression. As with
many mental disorders, a variety of factors may be involved. Depression is a serious disorder
that can take a terrible toll on individuals and families. Untreated depression can result in
emotional, behavioral and health problems that affect every area of your life. Neurotransmitters
are naturally occurring brain chemicals that likely ...view middle of the document...

Applied behavioral science is “a branch of science (as psychology, sociology, or anthropology) that deals primarily with human action and often seeks to generalize about human behavior in society” Merriam-Webster, (2014). This ties into severe depression through the cognitive behavioral therapy which has been proven to be “effective in the treatment of child and adolescent depression”, Lewinsohn & Hops, Clarke, 1999; Harrington et al, 1998, March et al, (2004).
The classic model of depression, according to Beck (1979), centers on the depressive cognitive triad. These patterns of negative thoughts are about the world, a past situation, oneself self-criticism, guilt, or blame, and the future. The Cognitive behavioral therapy’s goals for depression usually include two main elements, increase problem-solving, return activity levels in patients, particularly in the activities that bring a sense of achievement, and by helping the patient to deny the negative cognitive biases in them and to develop a healthier more balanced view of the themselves, their future, and others around them.
According to Beck, (1979), for depression, a course of therapy which lasts between 15 to 20 sessions would be desirable. The components of Cognitive behavioral therapy in depression can be listed as behavioral strategies, early cognitive strategies, prevention and main cognitive behavioral work of monitoring and testing Negative Automatic Thoughts (NATs).

Because of depressed patient oversensitivity therapists have to make sure to set a target which will not be a failure for the patient as it might cause a hopelessness feeling again. The goals and strategies of early cognitive strategy are to try to change the patient’s behavior which will distract the patient from the Negative Automatic Thoughts. In terms of medication for depression, according to Thase et al.,...

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