Sex Education Should Be Taught In Public School Systems

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Sex Education in public school systems has always been an extremely delicate issue. The topic as to whom should teach children about sex has always been a debatable issue between parental responsibility or school system curriculum. Most parents feel that it is their responsibility to educate their own children about sex education in the comfort of their own home, providing their children with the information they (the parents) are able to demonstrate to their children. Schools are children constant source of learning. In having school systems incorporate Sex Education into the curriculum, it would make it mandatory for children to learn about the details, and the consequences of ...view middle of the document...

At least they can rest assure that their child is receiving thorough education in the matter, and know their child is not learning it from a complete stranger. Parents can only hope that their child makes the right choices when it comes to sex, and know that just because they carry contraceptives does not mean that they (teenager) will engage in sexual activity. It is always better to be safe than sorry; not to mention parents cannot control everything a teenager does in a 24 hour time span.
The highest rate of teenage pregnancy belongs to the United States, yet we as parents will argue that having Sex Education taught by a qualified teacher is wrong. Teenagers are exposed to sex and other sexually nature entities through magazines, television and various websites on the Internet. There have been some instances where young girls think that being pregnant is “cool”, or to become pregnant with all their friends at the same time, so that they can all be young mothers; that way their children can grow up together. School systems are not promoting sex education for teenagers and students to become teenage parents. If that happen, then so be it, but they (the school systems) are only trying to teach these young minds to understand the consequences of being a teenage parent. Though, some schools provide unique programs for pregnant high school girls to keep them from dropping out, it is not an incentive for more teenage girls to go out and get pregnant. Most classes are willing to show students variations of pregnancy, to include actual childbirth. Students can actually see the development of what they may encounter if they were to become teenage parents. One class project pairs students up as parents. In doing so, the "new parents" are to carry a bag of flour, or if the school can afford it, a baby doll that simulates everything a newborn child does. Having the school properly teach sex education give these young minds awareness on developmental functions of sexual reproduction, and having a sexual relationship. In addition, letting students know what they will up against if they have children at an unusually young age.
Sexually transmitted Diseases (STDs) have also been on the rise amongst...

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