Sexual Diversity Paper

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1. After reading these stories, out of the whole passage one paragraph stuck out to me the most.

".. but everyone acted like his best friend when he shot himself in the head with his step dads hunting rifle. They hung his photo during school and all the kinds pinned paper flowers and RIP notes, but no one said sorry for calling him a faggot or sticking up in his hair.." (Coyote, 88)

I chose this passage because it provoked raw emotion. I've never been so angry reading something. I think I picked it because it stood out to me, because although I'm straight, I've been bullied, I think everyone in one point or another in their life has been bullied. After reading this, it just made me think how mean society can be to people that are just a little different. I've been bullied for many different things, but mostly for things I can change and I had a hard time dealing with it at the time. I can only imagine how hard it ...view middle of the document...

It breaks my heart to think that CHILDREN are going through this. I'm a 21 year old, straight woman, and even now when I get bullied it hurts. I can't even begin to imagine how someone can handle the being bullied for something they cannot change! I think if society was better educated, they would understand, we are in a society that there is no norm anymore. Everyone's different. There are so many different people in this world, and bullying someone for being themselves is sick. I don't think I can ever get over bullying. It's a huge problem in society especially in schools. What makes me the most angry, is the aftermath, when someone is pushed to that point of committing suicide, then everyone feels so sorry and is all upset for that person. It just gets to me, because those children who picked on the different kids are the reason why they were thrown over the edge and resulted in suicide. They should feel guilty, and disgusted with themselves. Yet they have no remorse. Even typing this out, I feel enraged!!!

3. I've been bullied before and I've had friends who've tried to kill themselves, and I also have gay friends too! I've seen it all. I've seen my best guy friends be called a "faggot" and the expression on their face just breaks my heart. It's not fair for someone to judge people from the outside. Yes, my friend is flamboyant and feminine, but he is the most trustworthy friend I have. I've learned so many things from him, and I wish people could see that before they say anything. He's told me before when he first came out, how embarrassed he was and how he tried so hard not to be gay and did even have thoughts of suicide. It sickens me! How people could be so mean and not see how it's affecting these people.

4. When I first started reading this passage, I was super confused. I didn't know who was telling the story, what point of view he was telling it from and how it was relevant to the others in the story. I'm still unsure what exactly Ivan or Franices would call themselves, Cross-dressers or transsexuals? I know what the difference is, but in this situation I've not sure what either of them would be.

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