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Shake Wight Effectivity Research Paper

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Health and fitness have become one of the top subjects on television, in magazines, and even in stores. Fitness companies are changing their products in order to improve an individuals work out with half the time and effort. The advertisement at hand depicts athletic-fit men and women performing the Shake Weight’s ideal motion, and mentioning the “Dynamic Inertia Exercise” concept. The Shake Weight is an object like dumbbell that is shaken back and forth with the help of a spring at the ends of the handle. It is targeted to improve the upper body, such as an individuals’ chest, arms, and shoulders. Through its advertisements in magazines and late night television, the Shake Weight has ...view middle of the document...

In this study they measured the Electromyography which is defined as a diagnostic procedure to assess the health of muscles and the nerve cells that control them. (Electromyography (EMG). (2012, October 25). Retrieved October 12, 2014) The results to this study indicated that the EMG was higher for all of the muscles tested during the shake weight, compared to the dumb-bell exercises. Although, when testing for specific mussels for each exercise the shake weight did not result with a great significance. The final result of this study indicates that using the shake weight is superior to using both the 2.5 pound and the 5 pound weights.
A restrictions that is resulted from this study is that it is incredibly unrealistic to assume that individuals are going to lift weights that only weight 5 and 2 pounds, which is what the shake weight provides. A traditional work out consists of weights that are much heavier than 5 pounds. In the same article they conducted a second study which consisted of 5 females. The exercise that they tested for these five woman were the biceps shake and the biceps curl. What they tested for in this study was the percentage of an individuals one rep maximum. The final result of the study being that the shake weight activates the mussels of the upper body to a higher degree than that of a dumbbell, but it only exercises the the triceps brachia, as opposed to a dumbbell which provides a more well rounded exercise.
The second article, “Comparison of the Shake Weight modality exercises when compared to traditional dumbbells” compares the electromyographic muscle activity to the shake weight to a traditional dumbbell. The trial consisted of twenty five healthy adults. Twelve of which were men and thirteen women, all of which were volunteers and no had experience with the shake weight prior to this study. The two comparisons that were made for this study were between isometric contractions of the shake weight and that of traditional dynamic contractions of the same muscle for every individual’s lift. One of the concerns that was brought about during this study was the lack of training for the full range of motion (ROM) during isometric training. This type of training seems to increase strength at a specific angle rather than the ROM.
There were three different exercises that were performed for this trial, being: Chest shake, biceps shake, and triceps shake. The volunteers were randomly selected to start with either the shake weight or a standard dumbbell. They were to perform these exercise’s while standing straight, shoulder width apart, with their feet facing forward in a shaking fashion. There were both depended and independent...

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