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Shame Of The Nation Essay

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In The Shame of the Nation, Jonathan Kozol states that the American society is still suffering from one-sidedness education. Mr. Kozol offers a wide bundle of statistical data to support his claim that most public schools are very much so segregated. Jonathan Kozol illustrates a grim reality about the unequal attention given to urban and suburban schools. He shows everyone involved in the education system that public schools are still separate and, therefore, still unequal.

In his book he states that “during the 1990s, the portion of black students that attended majority white schools had decreased to a level lower than in any year since 1968. Almost seventy five percent of black and Latino students attend schools that are predominantly ...view middle of the document...

Although Supreme Court decisions such as Brown vs. The Board of Education and federal laws have upheld and supported the ideals of racial integration in our education system.This segregation is caused not by force, but by factors working together to keep blacks and Hispanics stuck in the inner city while middle class, mostly whites, move outward.

The state of inner city schools has declined significantly. Horrible physical conditions, very limited resources, low expectations for the future of its students, prison-like behavior management, and severe overcrowding are all commonly seen in inner city schools. Kozol discusses how overcrowding and poor facilities for this overcrowding is a very common in urban schools and I agree. Government aid alone wont change the problem in these schools.I believe the major start to a change will come from teachers and curriculum.I agree with Kozols theory on modern segregation in public schools because all of his statictics are true. Ive viewed his statements in my life becuase i myself attended a public school.

Segregation should be in the past. Schools were more united in 1968 than they are now, which is phenomenally disastrous to the well being of the United States. Today’s students will not be in the classroom forever. Soon, they will be adults who are supposed to run this country. The “inferior” students will not be well suited to run the country, and the “superior” ones will not be able to successfully run the country without ideas that would come from the different cultures. In the end, everyone is deprived of knowledge. But this can be stopped now; integrating schools is an essential step to ending the division of people in America.

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