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1. Political and legal system Analysis
Australia is democracy like many countries around the world. There is no violent political problem in Australia that can affect to the global or local business. Politic in Australia in the past few years still not quite stable because of the falling popularity of Labor leader, Mr. Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister and turn into the hands of Ms. Julia Gillard but the confidence in the eyes of global and also in Australia still be strong to having any investment or trading business because people can accept an election and no any problem occurred following an election too. The export policy still being stable and they will not change it ...view middle of the document...

The local company will be the main competitor in almost every industry. Over the past decade, inflation has typically been 2–3 %( 2.8%) and the base interest rate 5–6%. The service sector of the economy, including tourism, education and financial services, constitutes 69% of GDP.
3. Socio-Cultural Analysis
The population of Australia is estimated to be 22,798,913 as of 23 December 2011. Australia is the 50th most populous country in the world. Its population is concentrated mainly in urban areas. Australian people usually have a wealthy sign as superiority so the product that these men use will be more premium as normal. They still quite have bad attitude with foreign, especially the foreigner who do not give respect in them. They are very sensitive so if our company will export product to Australia, we should think that they are more superior to us and give them respect in every detail of product introduction process. The equal in social, racial and financial in Australia may treat you unequally so we have to accept it as normal. People may see our product as a something strange so it is quite hard to introduce the new brand to them. Although Australia has no official language, many people like to speak English that it has become the main national language....

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