Shifting Consumer Power In Digital Marketing

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Insight into how Digital Marketing shifted changed Consumer power

Introduction – Current climate
With the technology of the internet ushering in a global community and market place online, it is important for organisations to analyse their online markets, understand consumer behaviours and the best way interact with customers online and create digital campaigns that is engaging and a positive experience for their customer. A recent study showed that 95% of internet users
purchased products via the internet in the last year (E-Commerce - UK - July 2014, Mintel report).

Key reasons for the shift in consumer power made possible by digital activities

1.1 Lower Telecom prices
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The typical online purchase now involves the use of either a price comparison engine, a search for online coupons or discounts, a free shipping offer, a daily deal or some other incentive that reduces the price paid (Marketers must embrace shift of power to the consumer).
• Greater access to information on products anywhere/anytime has broadened consumers choice in product and allows them to compare against the other products with out geographical restrictions.

2. Explain 2 key benefits to the organisation engaging in digital marketing activites

2.1 Increased revenue through market development
• A way for an organisation to increase its revenue with by extending the sale of their products online – market development strategy selling existing products via a new channel, the internet.

2.2 Opportunity to create online brand advocates
• If managed successfully, engaging with the consumers online has the potential to create brand advocates. It is also a vehicle to increase brand awareness and influence an organisation’s digital footprint.
• Another benefit is it is a cost affective, as a tool and a much quicker way to communicate with consumers .

3 Getting the Creative Juices flowing with Digital Campaigns

3.1 Monkey and typewrites Costa Coffee Advert
• Using Costa Coffee’s TV advert, while originally not a digital campaign it unwittingly became a viral campaign. The TV ad, a cheeky take on showing that the art of making quality coffee takes skill and not any monkey can do it, received complaints from the public and was removed from TV. However the ad quickly became a viral success on youtube – showing that the tone of voice on the internet leaves more room for scope and creativity in campaigns

3.2 Honda’s the other side campaign
• Featuring the new Honda Civic the company used in innovative way by producing a double sided video dark and good of a father driving his kids...

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