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Short Essay

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Short Essay

Craig L. Weng
The University of Redlands
BUSB300 Ethical and Legal Environment of Business
[ March 20, 2013 ]
Prof. Jeffery D. Smith

Ethics in business is in fact about following the law. If a business from the top down believes that ethics is a matter of following the law then, that's what needs to be stated in its Standards of Conduct, Bylaws, Governing documents etc..., so that everyone involved or that wants to be involved has a clear and concise understanding as to how the business intends to conduct its day to day activities from the board members to the janitorial staff. With that, there comes a certain feeling of commitment. A commitment not only to keeping ...view middle of the document...

Even though he would eventually lose his company, the way he chose to conduct his day to day business and all that it entails, speaks to the strength of ethics in business then and now. At Southern California Edison, our ethics is based on five things (Core Values and Guiding Behaviors) Integrity, Excellence, Respect, Continuous Improvement and Teamwork( We are constantly reminded of these things so much, it is a part of our natural way of thinking. For it to be acceptable to us, as one of my classmates put it, "you have to be of a similar mindset" for it to be a comfortable place to work" (Anonymous). Which was not very hard for me coming from the United States Marine Corps where the ethics of that business is Honor, Courage, Commitment. To me you have to have more than just the ethics of law to support you when faced with a challenging decision. The law will not always support some of the work and decisions being made.
At Southern California Edison, we are going through a Reduction in Force (R.I.F.). When this whole thing started, the one thing that the Senior Management Team kept telling the site population was that before the waves begin that the corporate law department would be looking into the policies that were in place to ensure that everything was done Fairly, Ethically and Legally. I have to say, whether I had my job or didn't, the process has been just that. The company Home Depot and Hurricane Andrew, two names in The State of Florida that have gone down in history. Boatright (2012) states in part when Hurricane Andrew struck in August of 1992, Home...

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