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Shortcut Methods Of Multiplication Essay

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"What matters death if one dies for what one loves, for native land and cherished ones?" A hero may be easy to spell but it is never easy to become. Heroes are people who have gained enormous identity among others. They are role models, well-respected, nationalistic and have contributed to society causing national unity resulting to something really big like freedom. Between the different faces of heroes we know who stands out among the rest? Is it Rizal or is Bonifacio of better identity? Would it be Aguinaldo or Mabini? If there is a need to place someone as national hero then who should we pick between those huge names?

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Others have hailed Andres Bonifacio as the “true” national hero for organizing the Philippine government and leading the first anti-colonial revolution in Asia. The Retraction Controversy has also placed doubts on Rizal’s nationalism and his anti-clerical stance. There are also some historians who believe that Rizal did not actually advocate independence but merely wanted representation and better rights for Filipinos while remaining under Spanish rule.  
Why is Rizal considered the National Hero in the Philippines? What are his contributions to Philippine history that makes him preeminent among other Filipino heroes? Here are some of the reasons Rizal is a national hero of the Philippines.In late 19th Century, Rizal became the voice of a people long oppressed by centuries-old Spanish rule. As an educated man, he was exposed to some of the abuses by Spanish friars and government officials. As a founder and member of the La Liga Filipina, he originally pushed for reforms of Spanish colonial rule.He wrote Noli Me Tangere and El Felibusterismo. Although fictional, the novels described the abuses committed by Spanish officials against the locals. Alarmed over the threat posed by the two novels, angry Spanish officials pushed for Rizal's arrest and exile in Dapitan.While exiled in Dapitan, Rizal devoted himself to improving the conditions of people in Dapitan.During this time, the concept of "Filipino" was taking shape among the inhabitants of the islands. Before, society was divided among Spanish citizens and indios...

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