‘Should Undergraduates Specialize?’ Analysis

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Patrick Allitt, the author of “Should Undergraduates Specialize?” begins his essay by narrating the different college experience he had as a young adult compared to the college experience his daughter is about to have afterwards, Allitt continues his essay by comparing his own life experiences with his daughter’s, and then later discussing the differences between American and British education and the advantages and disadvantages ...view middle of the document...

The author presents an effective argument by using his own personal experiences as examples, deductive logic to explain the advantages and disadvantages between American and British education, and using a smart and objective tone to narrate the facts.
Allitt uses numbers of paragraphs to narrate his study experience and his daughter’s to expound the difference between British and American education. This comparison obviously strikes a chord with the readers. Allitt lists what they take to college. That’s really different. When he went to college, he had a lot of pens and a record player. But his daughter only takes a laptop and an iPod. It is a sharp contrast to attract readers’ interests in the opening paragraph. And he expounds the difference between British and American education in detail. In British system, students learn one discipline really well, to become far more deeply engaged. Jim Kelly (2003) also points out that “Some universities are to specialize in vocational courses.” By contract, American system means a decentralized system, it helps students to become far more mature, informed, and tolerant.

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