Shrek 2 (Donkey And King Harold)

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Abnormal Psychology

Shrek 2 (Donkey and King Harold)

Diagnosis in the Multiaxial DSM System for Donkey
Axis I – General Behavior Disorder
Axis II – Histrionic Personality Disorder
Axis III – Moderate to high hypertension
Axis IV – Problems with primary support group (Shrek and Fiona being annoyed at the over talkative personality and need for attention). Problem related to social environment (afraid of losing his best friend Shrek).
Axis V – GAF = 41
Histrionic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder are examples of disorders that this paper will discuss of two characters from the movie Shrek 2. The paper aims at highlighting the symptoms, as well as the ...view middle of the document...

People who generally seem to be extensively overexcited, such as those who talk too much and in this case does not give others the chance to talk, as well as those who laugh uncontrollably and for extended periods are categories who could easily be on the line to a histrionic personality disorder. People suffering from histrionic personality disorders are also identified with their detrimental outer personal functioning. Such may come out as very charming and beautiful.
The Donkey from Shrek 2
The donkey is observed to be portraying a histrionic personality disorder. The donkey comes out as fulfilling the primary diagnostic criteria of deviating behaviors that are observed to be enduring. On many instances, the donkey is observed to be depicting behaviors that deviate from what would be seen as normal. This behavior that endures in his character is the behavior of talkativeness; need to be the center of attention, and self-dramatization. The donkey is extremely talkative. Donkey seems completely unable to keep quite from his loud talking. On many occasions, Donkey’s overly talking disgusts others. It is not expected by others in the movie, as it is to his best friend Shrek. According to what is normal in this culture, one must have control on how they talk. The bad side of the Donkey talking too much is seen when Shrek finds him as poor company when they first meet. Shrek seems unable to put up with his loud and unstoppable talking. Even in poor situations, the donkey’s talking is observed.
In Shrek 2, the donkey keeps talking on and on while they are on their way to the Kingdom of Far Far Away. This talking seems to be annoying Shrek and Fiona who keep hearing Donkey asking, “Are we there yet” repeatedly and Shrek and Fiona keep answering to him in a monotonous tone of ‘No’. As is evidenced in this scene, the two friends are annoyed by the donkey’s behavior and in this case Donkey cannot keep quiet and concentrate on the journey they were making. The personality of the donkey comes out as noisy through the entire journey. Furthermore, the donkey is also seen to have a certain idle chatter that he is repeating repeatedly to the annoyance of many. Those who are around Donkey while he sings this song are evidently annoyed by his behaviors. To Donkey, this is a love song.
Anxiety is also evident in the behaviors of the donkey. Donkey seems over anxious to engage in things even before clear considerations. In this anxiety, the donkey come out as overly naïve and sometimes even too dim is his calculations. When the two friends (Donkey and Shrek) find the Fairy Godmother’s potion, the donkey readily helps himself to it. Donkey does not give a thought to the potion and its potential for harm. To accompany this act without thought, the donkey continues assuring Shrek that everything was okay, even after he had proved so by drinking the contents from the bottle. Donkey’s act catches up with him when he faints later from the effect of the...

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