Significant Connections For Families Of An Id Child

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Significant Connections for Families of an ID Child
Alfreda Green
Grand Canyon University: SPE 351
June 30, 2013

Significant Connections for Families of an ID Child
Children born with disabilities have to face challenges every day, some more than others depending upon their disability. There are four types of intellectual disabilities, mild, moderate, severe, and profound. To determine if a child is intellectual disabled, his or her IQ would have to be tested and an adaptive behavior is reviewed (NICHCY, 2013).
Having a good support system is the key for parents when having a child with intellectual disabilities. I had the opportunity to discuss this with a teacher, Mrs. ...view middle of the document...

These skills include good communication skills, listening skills, being able to use "laymen terms" with the families. They may very well find it difficult to understand many of the technical terms that are used from time to time. They should also be loving, and understanding. Many times these family members are in denial, or shock. This throws in a whole other way of interacting with the family. Particularly where divorce and/or separation are involved. Chances are the parents aren't going to agree anyhow.” (K. Derrick, personal interview).
Knowing Mrs. Derrick has a child that is ID, I asked her to give me her personal opinion. She stated,
“Our family dynamics changed having a child with an intellectual disability. There were appointments for doctors, therapy sessions, all which required more time and money than what was required for the other three. In a way it was like playing favorites even though it was truly survival. We were all learning new strategies on how to handle meltdowns homework etc. nothing was the same as with the others. This meant time off work for appointments and who was going to take that time. We worked it as who had the most critical things at work that day. Sessions after school meant late dinners and late homework also for everyone, including the two of us who were working in advance degrees”.
“From a parent’s point of view, nothing would frustrate me more than a teacher who would suggest that my child was dumb or ignorant. One teacher I know stated he didn't belong in her class or even in that school and it should be considered putting him in a group home. I believe all teachers should work their hardest to try and understand that no matter the problem this is still a parent’s child who has a life for that child that is never ending.” (K. Derrick, personal interview)
I had the opportunity to observe Mrs. Derrick prepare for an IEP meeting of one of her student. This particular student comes from a single parent home where the mother is the custodial parent. The student only visits the father, who lives in Texas, during the summer. Several days before the meeting was to be scheduled, Mrs. Derrick began going over all of the progress reports that was done with the student to make sure everything was accurate and in order so she can write up her report and give her opinion on his progress. She studied his IEP and her lesson plans to make sure that all of the guidelines were followed. She kept a record of the student’s progress from the beginning of the year to end and made a chart to show his growth. Once her report was done, and she talked with all of the necessary people at the school, a meeting was scheduled. She contacted the parents via e-mail, letter and phone to make sure they were able to attend and that the time was perfect for them.
On the day of the meeting, Mrs. Derrick made sure that the team was present and ready. Once the parents arrived, they were greeted by Mrs. Derrick and were led to the...

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