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Simulation Review

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Communication Opinion Paper
Emily Shiluli
Debbie Hunt

Communication plays a role in aspects of our lives. People communicate to meet needs, to enhance and maintain a sense of self, to exchange information which we get through observation reading, television and direct communication, it also used to develop relationships and to influence others. Communication also helps us better understand the motives of those we talk with, through thoughts or feelings that we intend to share.

The basic elements of communication are messages, channels, participants, context, feedback, and presence or absence of noise. With messages participants need to understand ...view middle of the document...

Hicks, Nicols, and Martin (2012) stated, "Through communication in health care different conditions which were embarrassing to talk about was made easy to be mentioned publicly which changed the public attitude through the media." (para. 4). It is true communication using media has impacted the way people used to perceive certain conditions that were not freely spoken publicly or even with their own doctors. This openness has helped so many people to feel free to communicate effectively on any condition they may have without feeling embarrassed. Communication in health care has advanced whereby people have access to get information of whatever health issues they might be having or even symptoms and treatment available. The only downside of this is that not all those website available have the correct information every time. Consumers are always advised to make sure they have a follow up with their doctor and not to rely so much on whatever information they get. We have medical websites like the WebMD, the, which have most reliable medical information.

In health care, communication relies on how well people work together to coordinate their goals and establish common understandings. Providers try to be free with their consumers in order for them to feel free and to be open with any health issues they may be facing. The health provider should also be respectful and compassionate when dealing with the consumer by allowing the consumer to feel free to ask any question that might give them a better understanding of what they are experiencing. The provider should always be open and honest when dealing with the consumers by telling them all the information they need to know. By doing so, this might build their confidence and make them have trust in...

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