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Situation Analysis Alfa Edel Pils

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Situation Analysis
Alfa Edel Pils

Marketing Principles
MGMT 4430
By: Cameron Assmann,
Mallory Cadwell
& Jim Bemelen

Company Background

Alfa Brouwerij is a Dutch family-owned independent brewery that was founded in 1870 by Joseph Meens. The brewery is located in Schinnen, a town located in the southernmost province in the Netherlands. It is still owned by the Meens family and is now led by the 4th Meens generation. Initially, Alfa beer was only sold locally, but since 1960 it has been available throughout the Netherlands. In 1993, Alfa Brouwerij began exporting to the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Greece and Italy.
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Product Class
Beer – Other types of beer provide the same basic function as pilsner: they fulfill the need for a tasty beer and/or alcohol intoxication. The flavor however does vary between the different types of beer.
Generic Competition
Alcoholic beverages – Other alcoholic beverages may fulfill the same need for consumers as pilsners do, mainly alcohol consumption. The main differences between other alcoholic beverages and pilsners are the taste and alcohol content.
Budget Competition
Tabaco products and other stimulants – Consumers will generally have a limited budget they use to spend on stimulants and psychoactive drugs.
Buyer behavior and buyer wants

Who are the buyers?
We can segment the buyers into 3 types of buyers.
1. The daily users. These buyers are mostly working class men who like to have a nice cold pilsner after they arrived home from work as part of a routine. These people buy their pilsner in the supermarket in a can or in a bottle. These buyers are usually loyal to one brand.
2. The party users. These buyers are people who buy pilsner if they have a party (pre drinking with friends or a birthday party). These people buy cans, bottles or barrels of beer. These people are not loyal customers. They buy the least expensive beer available at the time of the party.
3. The pubs and the clubs. Pubs and clubs usually sell one type of pilsner on the stud. Because pilsners are the most consumed beer, these buyers makes a deliberate, well thought out decision about which pilsner they provide.
What does pilsner do for the buyer?
Alfa Edel pils contains hop and alcohol. The hop gives the drinker of Alfa Edel pils a relaxing feeling. It gives the consumer a break from their stress filled living. The alcohol gives the consumer a loser feeling, and personal boundaries become easier to cross. (Too much alcohol can have a lot of negative effects for the customer).
What are the buyers’ wants and their primary buying criteria?
The daily users and the party users want a tasty beverage which gives them a relaxing feeling. The pubs and the clubs want a tasty beverage which gives their customers a relaxing feeling and which contributes to a social atmosphere.
The primary buying criteria for daily users and party users are:
- The location where they sell the product should be close to the buyers’ home and easily accessible.
- The taste of the pilsner.
- The price of the pilsner.
- The packing of the pilsner. Buyers have a preference in the way of drinking their pilsner, for example some buyers prefers to drink pilsner out of 0.3 L bottle.
The primary buying criteria for pubs and clubs are:
- The service of delivering the pilsner to the club or the pub.
- The taste of the pilsner.
- The price of the pilsner.
- The reputation of the pilsner. If the pilsner has a reputation as a bad tasting pilsner, customers are discouraged to enter the pub or the club.
What is the buying process of pilsner?
To describe the...

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