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Skills And Building Blocks Advantage Essay

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Latoya Jacobs
Week 2 Assignment
UMA Student
EMC Assignment

The skill that I have chosen to be realistic example for a MAA at a medical Office would be human skills. Being a manager at a medical office, you have to be good role model for the practice. For instance, you will have to understand the different behavior of employee’s as well as doctors, coordinated and led by example. Motivation and communicating also play a part in human skills. As a manager it is recommended to be evaluated by employees on your job performance ...view middle of the document...

MAA answers phones, setup interviews, and coordinates practice functions. A major responsibility as an MAA is to make sure the practice is fully staffed with additional help to compensate for employee’s that are absent. Organizing monthly staff meetings, continuous job training, scheduling for employee’s and doctors, and ordering office supplies. Without planning, your practice will not run smoothly. As you see MAA has a huge job and planning time to make everything fall in place planning time is a must.
The four building blocks of competitive advantage that can make an organization successful. Efficiency will help by cross-training employees for different departments to increase productivity. Innovation gives the organization to brainstorm and produce new ideas for the organization. Speed helps by planning and thinking ahead for the organization. Flexibility gives you the capability of making changes or the way you perform with the organization. Quality enhances skills and abilities. Being responsive to the customer is key as long as you are engaging, informing, and being able to assess feedback from the customer will increase customer satisfaction within the organization.

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