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Sleep Deprivation Essay

3088 words - 13 pages

S.Y. 2015-2016

A Research Presented to
Engr. Nera Mae Puyo
University of San Jose-Recoletos
In Partial Fulfillment for the Requirements of IE 22A

Angelei Mae R. Cape
Lyndrian Shalom R. Baclayon
Marc Lou S. Varquez
Jan Kyle A. Lastimosa

March 2016

Sleep deprivation occurs when a person fails to get enough sleep (American Academy of Sleep ...view middle of the document...

In a study by Friedman et al., 1971, electro diagram tests showed that doctors’ efficiency in their performance was considerably worse after a night of reduced sleep. In a similar study by Deary and Tait, 1987, doctors who underwent a night of grueling emergency admissions had worse turn out results after partaking in a memory test than when they had a night off duty.
Being sleep deprived as a college student can have many downsides. As a student, one must be attentive and must be of sound mind and body in order to do the many activities they are required to do in classes. However, sleep deprivation hinders the student’s progress. This may lead one to wonder how sleep deprivation can affect the academic performance of a student that is constantly sleep deprived.

Theoretical Framework
Based on Oswald’s Restoration Theory (1966), the body regenerates energy lost during the day through sleeping. In order for the brain to function properly, it must have had enough sleep. This was proven through observing patients undergoing recovery from brain injuries, rehab, and accidents. People who have damaged a part of their brain tend to sleep a lot more than the people who haven’t in order for their brain to recuperate and build the tissues needed for it to work again.
Since the brain is involved in a lot of processes, especially memory, it is essential that the student must have enough sleep in order for their brain to not only regain its energy but to also preserve the lessons that the students has learned on that particular day. It would make sense that if a student is sleep deprived, they will more often than not, lose their focus and tend to have more trouble in retaining their memory.
Conceptual Framework

Figure 1.1
Statement of the Problem
According to the National Sleep Foundation, we spend up to one-third of our lives asleep. Skipping sleep can prove to be dangerous, especially in cases where your full attention needs to be at work, like driving. It isn’t only dangerous when you’re driving, but not having an adequate amount of sleep in the long run can also heighten the possibility of developing disorders that can harm one’s health.
Being sleep deprived can lead to effects such as a lowered immune system, inability to retain information or to stay focused, heightened risks of developing diseases and disorders, forgetfulness, fatigue, drowsiness, and many others. Sleep deprivation also impairs the brain functions that are essential to students when it comes to maintaining their grades, like memory, decision-making, reasoning and problem solving. When one of these functions is not working properly, students may feel that they are not capable of performing well for the day, much less in class.
Thus, this study aims to address the following questions:
1. Does sleep deprivation affect a student’s academic performance?
2. How does sleep deprivation affect a student’s academic performance?
3. What are the factors causing sleep deprivation?...

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