Small City Of Big City Essay

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With the increased standard of living, people pay more attention their quality of living. Some people believe that living in a big city has more advantages than living in the country side while others think differently. For me, I prefer living in a big city.
Living in a quiet country side has several advantages. People benefit from clear air, tranquil atmosphere, less traffic and beautiful scene. In addition, people who live in small towns look out each other. This makes them feel secure. Moreover, crime rates are much less than big ...view middle of the document...

In addition, medical facilities and emergency systems are easily assessable when individuals live in big cities. Thirdly, people can have more choices when they buy necessities because there are numerous malls around their neighbourhood. They often buy the same material at a lower price due to bargain sales going on. Fourthly, transportation is extremely important in the modern society, but there are no public transportation systems in small towns, so individuals always use their own cars and walk. On the other hand, there is always public transportation available such as buses, LRTs and subways in big cities. In fact, I have found that subway is very convenient and fast during winter. Lastly, gatherings in big cities are more frequent, and individuals may have more opportunities to meet different people and make new friends. All people need social interaction to enjoy their lives. Usually, people living in a big city have better social skills than people living in country side.
In conclusion, city life is much more convenient and has more opportunities than the country side. However, we have to choose where we live according to our jobs, schools and preference.

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