Small Team And Group Paper

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Individual Assignment: Small Team and Group Paper

group of 10 professionals employed to maintain operations in one residential apartment building comprised of 700 rental apartments and five retail stores, the property is 900,000 square feet in size. Each employee has specific duties associated with his or her respected positions all are to work together as one family with the successful operation of property in mind. The respected ...view middle of the document...

The group encountered a problem within the leasing representative sub-group; one member was an aggressor, “Deflates or disconfirms the status of other group members or tires to take credit for the works of others” (Bebbe, Beebe, & Ivy, 2009, p. 15). The problem was addressed in e-mail format and sent to landlord for review after which point a meeting was decided; the aggressor and member who the sent email were asked to be present along with landlord and property manager. The solution provided to both group members was to treat one another like professionals and work together instead of against each other.
Influence of leadership to solve the problem was helpful at best; leadership was preoccupied, less than happy to have this type of meeting. Harmonizers’ position was felt briefly so was orienters’ position. Both team members were not given their moment to say what was bothering them; this was a major discussion to have because without knowing why both members were developing issues the landlord could not solve problem only temporarily bandage it. Better results may have been found if landlord asked the correct questions and directed them specifically to each group member’s this result may have allowed the landlord to coordinate better results for members so their professional relationships would be to work together rather than against one another. The landlord started the meeting off incorrectly by saying what our meeting is about today is stupid and should not be happening. Opening comment created a barrier on landlords part because it was clear there was no feeling or interest in hearing why one member thinks they are upset about treatment and behavior of other member. Meeting should have started by a humble statement calming tension in the air this would have shown genuine interest on landlords’ part and allowed clear open emotions to come from both group members.
The entire group was effective because at the top of the company was a gatekeeper. This person always asked for one’s opinion just when that member thought he or she were a shadow on the wall. A special person recognizes when there is a problem or when a group member simply has internal issues the norm within the current group is to let verbal abuse continue keep the head down and do what you were hired to do. This type of behavior is unacceptable by the property manager, if verbal abuse is a norm then landlord must be turning a blind eye and it is only a matter of time...

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