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Smell Essay

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Effects of Religion
Jeremy Nabors

Religion can be a positive thing since it can bring people of all races, nationalities, and even cultures together in a community. While this is not necessarily the case in every community, religion certainly has the potential to bring people who are appear different from other together, allowing them to share a common belief and sense of fellowship. This helps them feel as if they united together in some form. This unity can really move mountains if all parts of the “body” so to speak work together. This action of getting things done together gives people the sense that they have truly made a difference in life ...view middle of the document...

It is a mystery whether many wars were truly based on religion and why some wars today are fought over the differences of religious groups, but the number of wars that have evidently been started because of religion is staggering, and it is possible that many people choose to avoid religions for this very fact. Also, many people do not like confrontation. If one were to follow a certain religion, they would have to admit in front of others who follow separate, and in some cases polar opposite, religions that they follow a certain belief that the may disagree with. This can cause confrontation and make things very awkward between family, friends, and people who simply like to meet other people rather than scare them away. Religion in many instances can cause discrimination and prejudice between people as well. This is a terrible truth but it can be seen throughout history. While Adolf Hitler proclaimed to be type of Christian, his practice of this religion and other religions led to the deaths of thousands of innocent Christians and Jewish people. Anti-Semitism is a serious matter and is the discrimination of the Jewish people for their beliefs and rituals. Many Jewish people, and even Christian people, have spent many years under the persecution under anti-Semitist leaders and movements. It seems that many people who follow certain religions can take things a too far. These people tend to show little to no mercy for others due to their beliefs by pressing their agenda and beliefs on them with the option of refusing to conform resulting in death or bodily harm.

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