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Social Impact Of Flooding Essay

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Compare and comment on the economic and social effects of flooding in two contrasting areas of the world. (15)

Level 1 (1-6 marks)
Describes the social and/or economic effects of flooding. Information likely to be generic – case study named only. Some similarities/differences apparent at top end. Separate accounts.
Level 2 (7-12 marks)
Description of effects of floods is more specific and precise – begins to distinguish between social and economic or this is implicit. Information relates to case studies – ‘rings true’ – some support. Begins to comment – may be tentative/implicit. May be imbalanced to one area and/or category. Similarities/differences are clear.
Level 3 (13-15 marks)
Precise similarities/differences of effects of flooding – distinguishes between social and economic effect explicitly. ...view middle of the document...

In Carlisle 3000 were made homeless for up to 12 months and their lives disrupted by being cut off from their usual transport facilities and community networks etc. but in Bangladesh over 30 million were made homeless. This was partly because of the scale of the flooding was worse in Bangladesh but also the flood generally affected peoples’ lives more. Although there was an increased reportage of stress related illnesses in Carlisle such as depression and insomnia the impact must have been much greater in Bangladesh with many losing their entire livelihoods – 670000 hectares of farmland was destroyed. In Bangladesh dead bodies contaminated the water supply resulting in outbreaks of typhoid and cholera and the effects were generally more long-lasting due to the poverty of the area and roads were blocked with rubbish from the flood obstructing relief attempts. By contrast in Carlisle a swift £250 million clean up operation was launched and temporary food and shelter set up for the homeless.
However relative to the scale of the flood, Carlisle suffered worse economically. Carlisle’s largest employer, United Biscuits, was flooded with 3m of water damaging stock and machinery resulting in £5 million worth of damage. Consequently 33 out of their 11000 employees had to be laid off. An additional 350 businesses had to close nearly half of which either had to shut permanently or relocate due to damage caused by the floods. Although the total cost of the Bangladesh flood was estimated to be $1 billion, this is not so much considering 75% of the country was submerged – only 400 clothes factories had to close. The economic impacts were greater for Carlisle because it is a more developed area with more infrastructure and buildings there in the first place to get damaged.

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