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Social Media Marketing Strategy As A Form Of Direct Marketing, Today’s Emerging Trends And Tomorrow’s Implications

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Social Media Marketing Strategy as a Form of Direct Marketing, Today’s Emerging Trends and Tomorrow’s Implications.

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Marketing 420 - Direct Marketing
Dr. Mikhail Zenchenkov

While firms strive to survive by gaining a significant market share and to position their products in the market with the ultimate aim of generating sufficient profits to sustain their survival, research has demonstrated that the marketing approach adopted by these firms underlies the strength of their positions in the market today. That has driven a significant number of firms in the world to ...view middle of the document...

3.1 Product and Parent Company 15
3.1 Introduction 16
3.2 Research design 16
3.2 Interviews 17
3.3 Questionnaires 18
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Direct marketing using the internet has been an observable trend that marketers have adapted to access and reach their target audience in a world where the virtual world and the real world seem to merge seamlessly. Typically, the rationale underpinning the use of the internet is the rapid growth and use of the internet virtually in every form of communication today. That has been the driving force behind the direct marketing strategies companies find compelled to adopt to meet their marketing strategies and more specifically their revenue generation expectations. That said it is worth mentioning that companies are compelled to use the internet as a direct marketing platform to address a number of expectations besides revenue generation. These include the need to reach a wider audience making a significant number of people aware of the products and services offered by companies in real time, which leads to a larger market share and strong market position. However, it is crucial to note that the customers only get a virtual feel of the product and services offered by a specific firm in the market.
Typically, the direct marketing strategy eliminates some descriptive elements that include smells, touch, taste, sound, and some evaluations on the product being sold. Despite these drawbacks, direct marketing on the internet has taken an unprecedented growth with many sites recording significant growth and profit generation over the online sales. Typically, using social media like Facebook and Twitter provides direct channels for online direct marketing. Other forms of direct marketing include the use of mails which include brochures, etc., direct response broadcasting, and many other forms of direct marketing. However, the current study focuses on the use of direct marketing using social media and other forms of online communications. Typically, the current study focuses on Social media marketing strategy as a form of direct marketing, the current, emerging trends and future implications of direct marketing using social media.

1.0 Aim

The aim of the current study is to establish the benefits associated with using social media as a marketing strategy that firms have adopted in the recent past and the underlying expectations in the form of revenue generation, market position, and product promotion, planning, pricing, and place strategies.

1.2 Objective

The main objective is to understand the benefits of direct on-line social marketing strategies and their impact on company’s revenue versus off-line (traditional) methods.

1.3 Problem statement

Many companies have trended toward adopting the use of social media as direct marketing strategy to...

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