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Social Movements & Gender Essay

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Social Movements & Gender
Written By: Tiffany DeMoss

In today's society woman have fought hard to be recognized in every aspect of our every being. It was hard back in the 1900's to be who we want to be without being told no or we couldn't do it. All we were to men were house workers and baby makers. We were not allowed to voice our opinion nor were we allowed to vote. It was almost like we were in prison in our own home. The Social movements that has captivated woman since the time of slavery began was gaining our own sense of being and independence. Three social movements that change who woman are today is, Marriage & Reproduction, Woman in the ...view middle of the document...

In a growing number of countries, the United States included, the balance is tipping toward women in terms of overall enrollments in higher education(United Nations Statistics Division,2000). With this movement leaning more towards education it gave the American view a sense of normalcy and help let the society know that woman have their own career paths as well as men. This movement gave myself a sense that woman have the same rights as men and helped others who were skeptical more validity that change will occur as well as everything else within the society in general.
Marriage & Reproduction
With marriage at a all time high in the 1900's woman were getting married and having children by the time they were 25. The youngest age for woman to be married is 20 and that's at a young age. The big problem society face is that in different countries as well as America is that the age woman were being married was much younger and in America the likelihood of them not staying together wasn't as high as it was in other countries. Another issue is the use of birth control within marriages and outside of marriages. In, other countries birth control was used to limit the amount of children a couple may have and the type of child they had as well. Women of the higher socioeconomic classes in the wealthy industrial nations tend to think about women’s status in terms of how important it is to have alternative occupations and interests to child-rearing during their adult lives.(United Nations Statistics Division,2000).
Now, in today's society having children whether a woman is married or single the society doesn't frown upon it as they did in the 1900's and later. Society doesn't look at having multiple children as a issue now a days and being married at a young or older age. The problems woman faced years ago are not as a bigger problem as it is today. Woman have come a long way from where they were many years ago. The opinion of other really...

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