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Social Network Narrative Assignment

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Herb Henry Intro to Film Social Network Narrative Assignment Overview

1. The opening scene of The Social Network is the most important scene of the movie because it is the reason that Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook. It was because Erica broke up with him and called him an “asshole”. After the break up he creates a site that matches up two girls and you pick with one looks better. After that the Winklevoss twins and Divya to start Harvard Connect but he comes with a better idea than theirs. So the opening scene sets up everything for the movie and how the story is told.
2. The non-chronological order was very effective in The Social Network. The case and the past events went hand and hand I believe. Whatever they were talking about in the case, they played the past event to show what they were talking about. The non-chronological order was probably the best order because it helps you understand the ...view middle of the document...

Like when something happens you know how he is going to react in that situation. Like when Mark diluted his shares to 0.3% from 34%, Sean called security because they knew how Eduardo was going to react. Many people would disagree with me but he is just flat to me.
4. The three most important major events of the Social Network are Erica breaking up with Mark, Winklevoss twins and Divya deciding to brink Mark in to with their idea of Harvard Connect, and Eduardo freezing the account. Erica breaking with Mark is probably the most important major event because it sets up the other two major events to happen. Basically it sets up every other major event to happen. The other major event is the Winklevoss twins and Divya deciding to bring him in to help start Harvard Connect. If they never had did that, then Mark probably would’ve never came up with the idea of Facebook. The other major event is when Eduardo froze the account for the company. If he didn’t do that then he probably would’ve still owned 34% of the company. He did that to prove a point and wanted Mark and Sean to appreciate him more. But instead Mark and Sean tried to push him out of the company.
5. Repetition is something that repeats itself through a movie or a story. The two examples that always repeat itself is Mark’s blog that he wrote after Erica breaks up with him and the other example is drinking alcohol. The blog always appears back up in the case, the used that blog to judge Mark’s character and personality in the case. If it wasn’t for that blog he probably didn’t have to pay the Winklevoss twins and Divya that $65 million. The blog also comes up during the hearing he had at Harvard after he made The other example that always repeats itself is drinking alcohol. They are always drinking throughout most of the movie. Usually when somebody is drinking is when they’re celebrating. Mark and Eduardo are drinking after the site launches and when they meet them two girls after the Bill Gates lecture. Mark and Eduardo also drink with Sean when they first meet him in New York. They are many examples when they are drinking, it shows many of times throughout the movie.

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