Social Networking And Its Effects On Interpersonal Communication

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Social media refers to the interactions through web-based and mobile-based technologies between individuals and societies in which they create, share and exchange information and ideas in virtual networks and communities (Social Media, 2013). An aspect of social media that is a current phenomenon in modern society is social networking, which consists of both mobile communication and web-based communication with Internet users through websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and LinkedIn. These social networking websites have introduced a revolutionary means of communication that was not present in past decades.

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In this modern society people can no longer consider the social media phenomenon as a "new thing" (Tardanico, 2012). Social networking websites have been widely used and growing in popularly for a long enough period of time now where entire generations of people use their tools as essential means of communications. Still, the significance of interpersonal communication cannot be undervalued. Further, our interpersonal communication characteristics often define how we communicate online (Palmer, 1995). Most users create a sense of humanization in their social networking, resulting in their communication becoming more interpersonal in nature (Swats & Walther, 1995).

Social networking has many key advantages to its users, as it facilitates and enriches communication through web-based and mobile-based technologies and provides a platform for people to communicate and interact mutually with one another, across all barriers of location, time and generations. At the same time, social networking has also brought about many critical changes to contemporary culture, including the breakdown of interpersonal skills among its users and the negative impacts on users’ emotions and psychology. The following essay will discuss social networking and is effects on interpersonal communication. It will further discuss social media, the advantages and disadvantages of social networking, the use of electronic communication in the workplace, the positives of social in social networks and the future of social media.

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