Social Organized Crime Perspective Paper

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Social Organized Crime Perspective Paper

Social institutions are social groups in which one grows up in, such as school which is a social institution. Schools shape and model the mind that makes the man or woman. it is one’s social environment in which a person grow-up into can force different choices to be made that one would not normally make. In relation to Organized Crime, it has been proven that one’s environment produces traits for example if a person has been exposed to an certain social group and environment for a long period of time one will pick up habits (good or bad),
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The Social Control Theory subject that one’s social environment, surroundings, family, and bond with society that would prevent someone from turning to a life of crime. The fear of punishment, humiliation and embarrassment, along with the psychological restraints that go along having a “super ego,” it is examples such as this to why not everyone turnout to become a “criminal, many have the opportunity but will not take to a life of crime, in many cases true organized crime is based around familial or societal connections and their view of society that surrounds them” (Mathewson, 2010).
Many groups encourage criminal behavior this is a require structure, the goal of the organization to obtain as much money and other profits as possible. The group seeks low risk with high steaks, and moving the organization toward syndicated criminal activity. It is believed that self-control is an underlying cause of criminal activity. The criminal is opportunistic and impulsive, which is the result of poor family monitoring and correction. Greed, anger, lust, and peer pressure are common characteristics of many organized crime members.
The differential association theory is based on social groups and environment, it is a learned theory, this theory states that a person who mingles with those who have a long criminal history will learn from others criminal, the values, attitudes, skills, that motives one’s criminal behavior.
The differential association theory views one's social group and environment as the fundamental explanation for one's criminal behavior and the formation and joining of criminal organizations. A person who socializes with a group or individuals who have a criminal history or people who are in organized crime or gangs are at a very high-risk of conforming to the norms of that scrupulous social sub-group. A prime example of this is juvenile delinquency in America. A peer pressure with teens comes from all angles, teens become involved in delinquent criminal behavior as a result of peer pressure. Many juveniles have surrcome to the peer pressure, end up dropping out of school, joining criminal organizations, or a street gangs, this peer pressure can also led to experimenting with illegal drugs alcohol, which has led many juveniles on a continuing downward spiral path “of addiction, career criminality, and a long criminal history into adulthood”...

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