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Social Problem Essay

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December 12, 2012
The television shows I watched were Law and Order Special Victims Unit (SVU), Criminal Minds and NCIS Los Angeles. For Law and Order, I watched season 12, episode 23. It had aired on April 20 2011. Its duration time was an hour. Criminal Minds, I watched season 8, episode 11; it had aired on December 12 2012. It duration time was 42 minutes. Lastly NCIS was season 4, episode 9 and that aired on December 11 2012. Its duration time was an hour also.
When watching this shows, I noticed that there was at least one woman playing a lead character, whether she was victim or one of the detectives who were trying to solve the crime committed. However Law and Order SVU was the ...view middle of the document...

One of gunmen was in relationship with a women who ultimately tried to protect him by not informing the detectives of his where bouts. There weren’t any victims or offenders portrayed as juveniles either.
Overall the usual images I saw on these shows were the women who played detectives were attractive and had sex appeal not very professional. They usually got the easier tasks like background checks, running DNA tests, etc. There were usually dependent on the male detectives as well. An example of this would be NCIS Los Angeles, when the woman detective (Kens) gets paired up with Granger the new assistant director of NCIS; it was one of highlights of the episode. While working together, Granger criticizes everything Ken says or does. It was almost as if he was undermining her work as a detective. Another thing I noticed throughout this shows was that every time a crime was to light that involved a woman. She was usually raped and killed or both and most times she is the victim. The males on this show were strong, cocky, sarcastic, independent, and stubborn appeared brave.
In the one program, that had a juvenile delinquent which was Law and Order SVU, the images I saw was that the child was troubled at home, very stubborn, unpredictable. The teen’s mother was in denial of her son’s behavior only because she didn’t want to be blamed for his actions or judged as a fit mother. In criminal minds, the juvenile’s victim had a very brief scene. He was kidnapped by the criminal only because the initial victim was his father.
I think television producers use such images to promote good entertainment. Our society is built on sex and violence which is very disappointing but true. In order for them to have a successful show they need to give the public what they want instead of what is right. I think for the juvenile’s aspect of things, there is some truth to what is being portrayed in these programs. Most juveniles delinquents come from a bad home or something happened in their past childhood that made them cynical. Like in Law and Order SVU, the child was clearly molested so he developed this obsessed behavior of fondness for older women. He had no father figure in his life and his mother did not promote this behavior...

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