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Social Program: Homeless Essay

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Social Program: Homeless
Antone N. Green
April 19, 2015

Introduction: Homelessness has become a national issue. “At a point in time in January 2012, 633,782 people were experiencing homelessness. The national rate of homelessness was 20 homeless people per 10,000 people in the general population. The rate for Veterans was 29 homeless Veterans per 10,000 Veterans in the general population” (N.A.E.H, 2013). Due to the lack of affordable housing has resulted in vast and growing homelessness among individuals and families. Homelessness is not only a type of poverty but also a severe state of residential instability. Homelessness is ...view middle of the document...

A.E.H, 2013). The purpose of our social program is to focus not only on the homeless as defined by HUD but will also include those families and children who are sharing accommodation with others for lack of proper housing. In our programs we will provide services such as medical care, housing, and other basic needs through soup kitchens and food pantries to the homeless.
Demographics: It is not easy to determine the exact number of homeless since estimates differ according to the procedure used. Numbers also differ significantly depending on whether it is calculated on a single night or is taken for a given year. “Since homelessness is a temporary condition for most people, there is great fluctuation in the numbers of people who find housing and the number of people who newly find themselves homeless in different periods. Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington State, and Washington, D.C. have the highest rates of homelessness, according to a study released in 2013 by The National Alliance to End Homelessness” (N.A.E.H, 2013). We would like to address this problem because it is an important social issue and we hope our work will raise awareness and support about the plight of the homeless. Despite rising prosperity, the strength of the USA economy has had little or no impact on hunger or homelessness in the cities. We hope to create change and help the homeless through increased availability of food and shelter.
Timeline: Our short term goal consist of forming street outreach teams to help in soup kitchens and food pantry work to provide emergency food, educational outreach programs for homeless children, assistance in job training and employment programs, health care and generating resources to fight homelessness. We hope to complete this within two years. We have long- term goals and a ten year plan to help end homelessness. Some of these plans consist of generating resources to battle homelessness, prevention strategy (to help prevent new homelessness), shelter bed formation, creating affordable housing and creating a housing trust fund. Target dates for completion are sometime in 2024.
Causes: Homelessness may be caused by a number of factors consisting of structural and individual factors.
Structural factors: Our infrastructure has not succeeded in supporting the most susceptible in our society. Among structural factors the major cause of homelessness is high housing costs and lack of affordable housing. Other causes are increased poverty, rising unemployment, social exclusion, and harmful effects of de-institutionalization.
Individual factors: Among individual factors, homelessness is commonly caused by a crisis in one's life. This crisis could be leaving the parental home after arguments, marital or relationship breakdown, widowhood, leaving care, leaving prison, a sharp deterioration of mental health, increased drug or alcohol misuse, a financial crisis or mounting debts...

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