Some (Strengthening Oneself Through Mother’s Enduring) Love Program

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Module 1: Children with Mothers - at - Work
Lesson 1: Loving My Mother (Love)
The students are expected to:
1. Identify the things that their mother is doing
2. Participate in the given activity
3. Show appreciation in the things that their mother can do.
Pictures of community helpers, Human Bingo sheet, and pen, and journal notebook
Mood Setting - Name the Picture
1. Show the picture of some community helpers and ask the participants to name them:
a. doctor f. house helper
b. nurse g. policewoman
c. teacher h. soldier
d. dressmaker i. firefighter
e. chef j. flight attendant
2. Invite the students to give a ...view middle of the document...

5. Inform them that they will be given ten (10) minutes to finish the task.
1. How did you find the activity?
2. Have you completed the activity? If yes, how? If no, why?
3. What did you learn in the activity?

1. Invite the participants to share about their mother:
a. name
b. birthday
c. age
d. occupation
e. short description about her personality
2. Ask them about the role of their mother at home.
3. Ask them the importance of a mother in the family.
4. By this routine, they should be able to realize the value of a mother in their life and appreciate their presence in the family.

Invite the participants to get their journal and write what they have learned and realized in the first session.
Distribute the evaluation form to all the participants and ask them to answer it honestly.

Human bingo contents are modified for the appropriateness in the objectives –

Lesson 2: Spending Time Wisely (Time)

The students are expected to:
1. Explain the meaning of quality time
2. Show appreciation in the amount of time spent with the mother in the family.
3. Share thoughts in ways to spend time with the family.

Video clip “Time Management”, “Assessing Your Time Management Skills” activity sheet, pen, and journal notebook
Mood Setting – Watch a video clip “Time Management”
1. Ask the participants to watch the video clip.
2. Invite them to reflect on the message of the video clip.

1. Who is the character in the video clip?
2. What is her greatest problem?
3. What is its implication in her life?
4. How was she able to help herself?
5. What should be done in this kind of behavior?
Activity – Answer the Activity sheet (Assessing Your Time Management Skills)

1. Distribute the Assessing Your Time Management Skills activity sheet to the participants.
2. Encourage them to read the instruction and each statement properly.
3. Ask them to answer the paper quietly and honestly.

1. How did you find the activity?
2. What did you discover about yourself?
3. How will you address it?


Have a discussion on the following:
Tips on Family Quality Time
1. Help in preparing food
2. Eat with the family especially during dinner
3. Help in doing some household chores
4. Read stories with younger sibling/s
5. Help younger sibling/s in doing their assignment
6. Pray with the family or go to church on Sundays
7. Watch television with the family

1. Ask the participants to bring out their journal and list down three (3) activities that they enjoy with the family.

2. Invite them to write their learning for the session.

VII. Evaluation
Distribute the evaluation form to all the participants and ask them to answer it honestly.

Assessing Your Time Management...

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