Sources To Be Reliable And Relevant

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1. How you determined the sources to be reliable and relevant, and whether or not there is an author bias

To determined if the sources to be reliable and relevant it is very important to know and always have in the mind that anyone can publish in the Wed. It is essential for users to develop a critical eye to evaluate the credibility of Internet information.

It would help if we can develop a sense of the credibility of sources base on clues and at the same time ask our self question such as;

• Does the author have credentials to assume that is credible or not? Looking and digging ...view middle of the document...

Looking under these recourses gives you the dependable that all information stated in that page is authentic and a productive one because all information is evaluated by different members of the institution before posting it in the wed.
• If we look for information in the Web It is important to look for documentation that support all the evidence stated in the Web page. Does the information have a list of work cited? If the information is not backed up with sources we have to ask our self’s, what is the author relationship to the subject to be able to give an expert opinion?
• We can also compare the information with other similar ones. If in our opinion we understand that there is a gap in the article it can be concluded that the information is not reliable and relevant.
• Are there clues that the author/s is biased? For example, is he/she selling or promoting a product? Is the author taking a personal stand on a social/political issue or is the author being objective? Bias is not necessarily "bad," but the connections should be clear.
At the end it all comes down in our common sense, in how we feel with the information we read. If in any case we feel that the information did not convince us so we need to keep on looking for more information into we feel convince.

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