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South Africa As An International Market

3711 words - 15 pages

An In-Depth Study of the South Africa as

a Possible International Market

Kimberly Buchanan

Park University


Spring 2013

South Africa is a country of contrasts: urban versus rural, white versus black, traditional versus modern. This country report will slowly peel back the layers of the country known as South Africa. It will begin by introducing the reader to an overview of the country that will include the demographics, major products, and factors that allow the country to be unique among other countries. It will, then, introduce the reader to the aspects of the culture of South Africa. Third, the report will provide information about the ...view middle of the document...

The current ruling party is the African National Congress, who is presided over by Jacob Zuma (Central, 2013).
There are approximately 48,601,098 people in the country (Central, 2013). When looking at the percentage of races, 79% of the people are black, 9.6% are Caucasian, 8.9% are colored, and 2.5% are Indian/Asian (Central, 2013). The majority of the population range from birth to 54 years old (Central, 2103). The average number of years for the people of South Africa is 25.3 years old, which correlates with the substantial number of people being under the age of 55 (Central, 2013). The major cities of South Africa include Johannesburg (3.607 million inhabitants), Cape Town (3.353 million inhabitants), Ekurhuleni (3.144 million inhabitants), Durban (2.387 million inhabitants), and Pretoria, the capital of the country, (1.404 million inhabitants) (Central, 2013). The current exchange rate is as follows: $1 U. S. dollar to 9.23 South African Rand [R] (Convert, 2013).
Major products for the country of South Africa include agriculture, agriprocessing, the automotive industry, the chemicals industry, information and electronics industries, the metal industry, and textiles, clothing, and footwear industries (Manufacturing, n.d.). Agriculture and agriprocessing is as varied as the climates in the country. The products include a range of “crops, livestock, and fish are to be found” (Manufacturing, n.d.). This industry “contributes approximately R124 billion to South Africa’s GDP and employs 451,000 people in the formal sector. Exports of processed agricultural products amounted to R17.2 billion in 2001” (Manufacturing, n.d.). This industry is competitively advantageous when compared to the rest of the world because it is a vital trading partner that has opposite seasons when compared to Europe, a range of “biodiversity,” an array of fish and aquatic creatures (Manufacturing, n.d.). For these reasons, along with the relatively economical input costs allow for the country to become a “major player on the world’s markets” (Manufacturing, n.d.). As for the automotive, chemical, electronic, and metal industries in the country of South Africa, there are already global companies who have seen the value of this market. Those companies include BMW, Toyota, Sasol, Dow Sentrachem, Siemens, Vodaphone, and Cisco all have established factories in this country in order to take advantage of the different attributes that lend the market to global companies (Manufacturing, n.d.).
On the other hand, the textiles, clothing, and footwear industries have taken on a vision that is vastly different from the before mentioned industries. This vision, while different, is just as valuable. They “aim to use all the natural, human and technological resources at its disposal to make South Africa the preferred domestic and international supplier of South African manufactured textiles and clothing” (Manufacturing, n.d.). To make this vision a...

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