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Special Occasion Speech Outline

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Special Occasion Speech Outline

I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter: Thank you for all coming to celebrate this amazing day. I am delighted to be here, and I am ecstatic that you could join us to celebrate this special day.
B. Thesis: Today I have the honor of giving a wedding toast to someone so exceptional to me Amelia, and her new husband Daniel.
C. Preview: In order for you to really understand how far back we go I will begin with how we met back in the day, being the three best friends that anyone could ever have, and finally never having a dull moment together. ...view middle of the document...

B. The Three Best Friends that Anyone Could Ever Have
1. In high school we decided adding another addition to our little group would be appropriate. That’s where Kaitlyn came into the picture.
2. We all got along so great and we coined the quote from the movie “The Hangover” to describe our friendship.
3. After high school we all went our different ways but still remained as close as ever.
C. Never Having a Dull Moment Together
1. We always had endless nights laughing from inside jokes.
2. We laugh so much that we usually end up crying or at least tearing up.
3. We always had something to talk about, there is usually never a moment where either of us had nothing to say.

III. Conclusion
A. Tieback: Now you can see why we are as close as we are and where it all began. Whether it was crying our eyes out together or laughing together.
B. Review: By talking about how we met back in the day, being the three best friends that anyone could ever have, and finally never having a dull moment together, we can see how we are so close and remain best friends till this day.
C. Concluding Remark: It has truly been an honor to be your best friend for 20 years and I would not choose anyone else to share my laughs, cries, and memories with.

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