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Speech 1 “A Time for Choosing” by Ronald Reagan
1. Ronald Reagan gained the audience attention by his opening statement “ I’ve been permitted to choose my own words and ideas”
2. The topic was A Time for Choosing, it was a presidential candidate speech concerning the upcoming election which was going to be held in a few week. It explained his standpoint and views on the hot topics such as the war and the economy
3. Ronald Regan stated that he once was a democrat but felt that the issues facing the nation required him to cross the line. He is quoted as saying” those who ...view middle of the document...

5. He transitioned into his conclusion by quoting Alexander Hamilton
6. I feel he did well by using stories; for example, the story about the Cuban who said that he had a place to go for freedom, but we as Americans have no place else to go for peace
7. The only improvements I think should have been made would have been not using the names of people for joke examples

Speech 2 “Acres of Diamonds” by Russell H Conwell
1. The speaker got the audience attention by the tone of speech and he began by letting us know he was going to tell a story
2. The topic acres of diamonds refers to a man that left home in search of diamonds in order to leave his children riches, only to find out he had a diamond mind right at home.
3. The man searched oceans and mountains. He starved, went cold and depressed and ended up committing suicide because he could not find the diamonds he sought.
4. He didn’t not show any enthusiasm throughout the speech. It made it somewhat difficult to follow the monotonous tone.
5. The speaker transitioned into the conclusion by mentioning the moral of the story, which was underneath his own wheat field he would’ve had an “acre of diamonds”
6. The speaker did well at the end of the story because of how the moral was explained
7. The speaker could have changed his tone throughout the delivery.

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