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Speech Summary

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Speech summary
Chapter six examines how culture affects communication and also discusses how to identify cultural norms and values. It also gives detailed Explanations of the barriers to effective intercultural communication as well analysis of how to develop intercultural communication competence
Culture can be defined as the values, belief, orientations and underlying assumptions prevalent among people in society. When choosing a topic for a speech it is important to choose a subject that is appropriate for the cultural and ethnicity of your audience by doing this it will make your speech more interesting to listen to. Because we are so familiar with own language, gestures, facial expressions, norms etc., familiar aspects of communication are disrupted which lead to cultural shock. Cultural shock is the psychological or anxiety you may feel when you attempt to adjust to a new cultural situation. I experienced cultural shock ...view middle of the document...

Individualistic culture emphasizes personal rights and responsibilities, privacy, voicing ones opinion, freedom etc. Collectivist culture emphasize on community collaboration, shared interest, harmony, the public good and avoiding embarrassment. Uncertainty avoidance differs in how their members feel about and deal with unpredictable people, relationships, or events, Low uncertainty avoidance culture consists of cultures characterized by greater acceptance of, and less need to control, unpredictable people, relationship or events and high uncertainty avoidance consists of cultures characterized by a low tolerance for, and a high need to control unpredictable people, relationships, or events. Power distance cultures also differ with high power distance cultures believing that inequalities in power status and rank are “natural” and that these differences should be acknowledged and accentuated while low power distance believe that inequalities in power status and rank should be underplayed and muted. Masculine culture expects people to adhere to traditional sex roles and feminine culture which people regardless of sex are expected to assume a variety of role based on the circumstances and their own choices.
The common barriers that effect how we communicate with other cultural backgrounds include anxiety, ethnocentrism which the belief that one’s own culture is superior to others. Other barriers to effective intercultural communication include stereotype, prejudice and incompatible norms and values. Intercultural communication competence can be overcome by adopting the correct attitudes towards other cultures. We can acquire knowledge about other culture by observing people from other cultures and watching how they behave and interact with one another, you can also conduct formal studies about cultures by reading accounts by their members and also intercultural empathy which the process of imaginatively placing yourself in a cultural world which is dissimilar to your own to attempt to experience what she or he is experiencing. All of these examples are good ideas and techniques a person may use while conducting a speech in an environment which is not familiar to them.

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