Spiritual Assessment Essay

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Spiritual Assessment
Grand Canyon University
February 2 , 2012

Spiritual awareness is important for a healthcare provider if they want to be effective in healing. This is because religious and spiritual dimensions of life influence the lives of many people. Spiritual assessment provides a mean to patient spiritual beliefs and value so that they can be integrated into therapeutic process (Hudge, 2003). Therefore, spiritual assessments are in important in nurse practice. Spiritual assessment can be measure in different way. Nancy, my neighbor ‘s interview who live with her husband since all her kid moved out. She had a heart surgery.
Question1: What are your source of hope, strength, comfort and peace? Answer: My entire ...view middle of the document...

I usually prayer alone at night. I pray for all my family and others to have a closer relationship with God
Question 5: Do you believe to God? Answer: yes, I believe to God. God does provide me with strength and hope. My family attends to the church every Saturday.
Question 6: Has being sick affect your ability to do the things that usually help you spirituality? Answer: No, actually when I was sick, I was scary I always went to the church because I know they are always there for me no matter what.
Question 7: What does suffering mean to you? Answer: Suffering to me is when they face with illness or struggling with a problem such as loss of a loved one
Question 8: Do your family support you while you was sick? Answer: They are really support me. Thanks God to bring me a great family.
In my spiritual assessment of Nancy I discovered she has a strong relationship with God. She always pray and attend to the church. My interview with Nancy went pretty well. She was really open and answers my entire question. She was smile and proud about her family when I asked her about family support. I saw something in her eye.
Taking a spiritual assessment are basic clinical skills that every medical provider should learn. Through the process of assessing spiritual, the providers are able to provide the patients with the respect for their cultural and religious beliefs. This is important because everybody difference and without asking question we cannot achieve.
Hudge, R. D. (2003). Spiritual Assessment. North American Association of Christians in Social Work printing

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