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Social Media: Primary Source of Cyberbullying
People are constantly hearing of teen suicides or suicide attempts because of bullying; however, when teachers or students at school are asked about these tragic situations, they claim to have never seen the bullying. In most cases, they haven’t. Teenagers have an easy out of escaping trouble now days through social media. They use fake accounts so that their identity is anonymous when embarrassing others. People believe that if they send or post something on social media it can be deleted and no one else will see it, but people can share what they’ve sent or posted and then everyone can see it. Finally, they have constant access to ...view middle of the document...

Statistics show that only 1 in 10 victims will tell a trusted adult or friend. ( This is only one example of people using faking accounts on social media to harass others. People also use fake accounts to falsely identify themselves. For example, an older gentleman could be posing as younger boy in order to get a young girl to meet him. This could lead to many different things such as kidnapping or rape. Another example of someone using a fake account on social media as cyberbullying is when they pose to be someone who doesn’t even have an account or has a different account, but are pretending to be them and saying negative things about the person they are posing as. For example, Sally has a Facebook account, but Jane makes another account in Sally’s name and is posting things like “I’m a slut” or posting pictures of naked women off the internet and photo shopping Sally’s face on it.
Secondly, people think that when they send something to someone it is considered private. Little do they know that even the private things can be plastered all over social media. Another very common form of cyberbullying today comes from “sexting”. This is sending explicit pictures of oneself. Many teenagers see it as okay because they “love” the person they are sending the pictures to. However, all it takes is one wrong turn and before they know it the person they loved has blasted pictures of their private pictures all over social media just to hurt them or embarrass them. As for the sexting aspect of cyberbullying, one should keep anything they are sending “PG”.
1. Delete any explicit images sent to you.
2. Do not distribute explicit images.
3. Ignore or flat-out reject any requests from others for inappropriate images. 
4.  Block individuals who make you uncomfortable with how they talk to you (or what they send to you).
5. Distract the person requesting inappropriate pictures from you.
6. Don’t support your own objectification. You are not a piece of meat. 
7. Sexting doesn’t define a healthy, functional romantic relationship.
8. Send images that are suggestive, but not explicit.
9.  If you receive (or someone shows you) an explicit image of someone you know, contact that person to tell them that their images are being circulated.
10. Inform an adult you trust if you are concerned about the well-being of the person in the image. (cyberbullying,org)

Sexting does not make the relationship, if anything one should not do it to give their partner something to look forward to. Individuals should remember that if these pictures get out onto to the internet everyone can see them: family, friends, future employers, church members. Another example of teen’s thinking they can post or send things on social media and later deleting it is when they post something negative about someone and then trying to delete before they get caught by an adult. For example, Jane tweets about Sally on twitter. Sally says something to Jane about...

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