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Sqc (Statistical Quality Control) Essay

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In giving ease and comfort to students, one must consider working environment. The researchers saw the needs of BULSU-Sarmiento Campus like lack of classrooms,equipments and materials. This problem has been thoroughly analize and lead the researchers to come up with the following proposal.

4.1 Alternative 1: Construction of Additional rooms
Mainly, as the researchers being students of civil engineering considered that additional rooms will be done. However, location of ...view middle of the document...

4.1.1 Advantages
* Additional rooms will help giving comfort to students because of much better studying environment.
* Environment as one of the factors that contributes the most when considering ones personality, will improve student’s performance during classes.
4.1.2 Disadvantages
* Construction of additional room would mean greater cost
* Construction time varies and most of the time will take month or two to finish

4.2 Alternative 2: Shifting of Schedules
Shifting of schedules is a process wherein time will be analized considering rooms availability.

4.2.1 Advantage
* Shifting of schedules if arranged or assigned properly will help the university utilize its rooms and facilities
4.2.2 Disadvantage
* There is no disadvantage since shifting of schedules will be an option
4.3 Alternative 3: Purchasing of Equipments
It is the university’s obligation to provide following equipment/s to sustain students’ needs in studying. In almost every aspect practical aid.
4.3.1 Advantage
* Purchasing of equipments that will be used as a practical aid in studying will increase students performance.
* having set of equipments that are used for students purpose will benefit the university by gaining achievements most likely when university accreditation is done.
4.3.2 Disadvantage
* Newly-bought equipments would mean cost

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