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Staff Slef Service System Essay

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Staff-Self-Service Systems:

Employee self service systems (ESS) are a mixture of a technology and organization modification that give the users the freedom to interrelate directly with their business action such as payroll/human resources data to request, appraisal and act upon transactions in the workplace. This technology can also be named as ‘manager self-service or employee direct access’ as written by [Payroll Manager’s Report].
Generally, Employee self service system can systematize many of the work severe and time –consuming tasks that payroll department handle for employees by exercising the employer’s human resource information system. [Payroll Manager’s Report].
Staff self service systems have many advantages including employment of these systems are uncomplicated, harmless ...view middle of the document...

ESS can gives management control and allows management to obtain a quick efficient decision because reviews can be controlled online and letting management access the employee records whenever desired. ESS also creates employee satisfaction by allowing employees to access the organization central resources to acquaint themselves with company procedures and by keeping employees up to date by online announcements as an example. Furthermore ESS Reduces costs by reducing the mount of paper used in the office. Besides it generates a quick return of investments. As stated by [Payroll Personal Shop website].
As the advantages for ESS can be seen, disadvantages should be in account as well. Some of these disadvantages are the human error when entering the information. Although ESS has an advantage on reducing cost, it can be a costly system as well. Updating the system and breakdowns or inadequate applications to help the department is a costly procedure; therefore ESS can be a costly system. Eventually it is challenging to find a computer specialist for human resources managing department. [Chron website].
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