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Staffing Essay

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Staffing Paper
University of Phoenix
Facilitator: Justin Doane
Katrece Wade
August 2, 2010

In this paper, I will develop a plan for Dell’s computer company, determine how many people is needed to hire and in what functional areas, such as manufacturing, operations, customer service, distribution, marketing, and accounting. I will also develop strategies to recruit the appropriate applicants. I will finally include a discussion of how the strategy is legally compliant.
Dell was founded in 1987 by Michael Dell in order to directly serve their customers with computers that meet their needs. The company was called PC’s Limited and he was still a student at University of ...view middle of the document...

This strategy has supported their mission statement fully until now. But if Dell plans to take a large amount of the market share in India, it will have to change its mission and strategy according to the needs of these customers.
Dell’s new mission statement is to be the most successful computer company in the world at delivering the best customer experience in the markets we serve and providing special service and support to the markets that are highly differentiated on terms of cultural and demographic basis. This statement shows that the customers in the region of Asia-Pacific, China and India to be specific have special needs that have to be satisfied. Since it is known from business practice that every market has different characteristic and different customers with their own needs to be satisfied, Dell has to give special attention to the markets of China and India.
Organizational effectiveness
Dell leaders today will tell investors and others that the companies integration of Perot Systems into a broader Dell Services organization is progressing well, and will benefit customers by making information technology solutions easier to access and easier to manage. Dell now has a comprehensive and growing set of leading solutions that meet the customer needs, so they can manage their IT most efficiently. The Dell Services and Perot custom of strong customer focus positions us extremely well to help customers of all types and sizes use IT to solve problems and develop the best value for their technology investments.
According to the president of Dell company, Dell Services is focused on combining its knowledge of different industries and requirements, together with Dell’s technology platform expertise, to help customers succeed in reducing labor requirements by increasing automation, applying appropriate IT as a service models, performing IT related tasks or having them done by Dell remotely wherever possible and increasingly doing all of this based on technology industry standards. Dell acquired Perot Systems in the process extending the reach of Dell Services into consulting, applications, business process outsourcing and hosting. The combination immediately expanded Dell’s already important range of managed services, and making all existing and future capabilities available to Dell’s large global customer base.
Staffing Strategies
Dell Computer regularly uses patching to focus more closely on target markets. For example, in 1994, Dell split into two segments. The transaction which deals with customers who buy equipment one or two at a time; and the relationship segment that works with customers who buy in quantities of greater than 50 units at a time. Since that time Dell has announced a new split almost quarterly. As a result Dell's commercial relationship accounts are now segmented into corporate and small business...

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