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Staffing Plan Essay

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External recruiting for the manager, supervisors, and leads positions will be conducted in a different manner because reaching a large population will require posting job openings electronically on the Internet, and advertisement in paper media. Recruiting for the exempt or special skills positions would also require recruiters surveying universities for their top students, for instance an MBA and two years experience are key requirements for the facility manager position. The operations and maintenance supervisor position may require a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, or Civil Engineering with one-year experience. A Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management or Administration with one-year experience in ...view middle of the document...

A company that has poor safety performance could eventually cost the primary company money through injuries and liabilities. Contractors and third party service providers will need to provide the number of skilled employees and their certifications, and be able to provide onsite supervisor or management leadership. Most corporations use contract services for various reasons, According to Jonathan Lee Recruitment Ltd (2009), “People choose to take the contracting route for different reasons. Some elect to contract by choice, valuing the variety of work, independence and interaction with a number of different employers that contracting provides, others contract out of necessity” (para. 1).
During the selection process, recruiting laws and guidelines will be followed; the human resources management and law department management review all labor laws applicable to employee selection. For instance, several laws prohibit selection based on disabilities, age, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Other laws are directed toward testing, whereas all testing used to select employees are subject to validation tests. The internal and external recruiting and job requirements for selection of employees for this organization are within the laws and guidelines because none of the criteria listed in the laws are used within this recruiting process. For example, the job descriptions are very helpful with complying with employee selection laws because of unbiased language and listing specific information for filling the positions (The State of North Dakota, 2010).

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