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Stages Of Life Essay

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My Character has an extrovert personality she is outgoing and socialable, very friendly and overtly expressive. I have pretended to develop myself as my character
(Infancy- 18 months)
The first year of life my character doesn’t have a hard time catching on with learning. At her infancy stage she is highly loved and loveable as well as easy to handle. The occurrence that takes place in her infancy stage is being surrounded by many family who are outgoing, talkative and intellectual. This is a successful outcome for this stage because she will grow to be outgoing and sociable as their reflection along with being affectionate to others from the attention she was given in this stage.
(Early child hood 2-3 years)
In the early childhood stage Crystal is becoming curious and attempting to ...view middle of the document...

(School age 6 to 11 years)
Crystal now understands the importance of school work and teachers expecting her to complete certain educational tasks. In this stage the conflicts are industry Vs inferiority. The success of this stage leads to a sense of competency.
(Adolescence 12 to 18)
Crystal is surrounded by friends who are all different as far as personality she is learning her identity and is easily confused in social relationships. Her parents teach her to remain independent and mentally strong as well as to continue to be who she is at all times. The success of this stage is that she has ability the ability to stay true to herself.
(Young adulthood 19 to 40 years old)
Crystal builds strong bonds with friends but forms an intimate level relationship with one person. The success of this stage leads to a strong loving relationship and happiness in life.
(Middle adulthood 40 to 65 years old)
At this stage of life we go through generativity versus stagnation so the important events in life are working and being productive such as maintaining a progressed career and perhaps having hobbies that allow us to be social outdoors like gardening, golfing, feeding the homeless even to better the community. At the middle adult hood stage we look to witnessing creation of something that outlasts our own living extent or to nurture things like children or uphold and own property to pass along. Crystal has created a family at this stage, the success leads to feeling of an accomplishment.
(Maturity 65 to death)
At this point of our lives we face basic conflicts such as ego integrity versus despair. Crystal looks back on life and feels a sense of gracefully approaching the finish line of a long race full of many things learned the reflection of life leads to feeling wise and in many cases that the purpose of life was well accomplished. That is a success in the reflection of life.

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