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“Standard Living Of Bangladesh ” Essay

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Md. Rezwanur Rahman
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Department of Management
Carmichael College, Rangpur.

Department of Management

Carmichael College, Rangpur.

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I hereby declare that the report of term paper on Problem & Prospect of Dhaka EPZ. Submitted to the office of placement in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor Of Business Administration, Major in management of Business Administration on the ……………… Md. Shaharukh Khan Roll-9604431,the report has been accepted and maybe presented to the term paper committee for evaluation.

(Any opinions, suggestions made in this report are entirely that of the author of the report. The college does not disregard of reject any of these opinions or suggestions)

Md. Shaharukh Khan
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Department Of Management
Carmichael College,Rangpur


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