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Standard Of Practice Essay

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As register nurses we provide services that require a substantial amount of education, judgment and skill. It is important that we have a working knowledge of what the state we are working in has established as a scope of practice of a register nurse. We are advocates of the patient and his family, and we are to promote patient safety by practicing within the national practice act and the board of nursing rules and regulations.
The scope of practice for the register nurse utilizes the nursing process to establish ...view middle of the document...

We need to know our level of competency and practice within that scope of practice that is set up by the unit and the hospital based on the state board of nursing scope of practice and the national practice act.
If you are hired as a register nurse then you must practice as a register nurse even if you or an EMT, or a nurse practitioner. If you are on the floor and you are an ICU trained nurse your scope of practice has changed because of unit policies, what you can do in the ICU may not be acceptable on the floor and vice versa.
No matter where we practice we need to know the scope of practice for each area we work in so that we can ensure safe, competent and professional care of our patients.

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