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Starbucks Essay

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Starbuck Early 2005
Currently Starbuck regarded as one best sample of cafe culture marketing and it start back in 2005. What is Starbucks product? It's not a coffee, but they offer consumers a comfortable atmosphere in which to drink a premium beverage while either chatting with friends, reading a newspaper or magazine or working on their laptops.

What changes in society have helped Starbucks be successful? A significant trend in US which had increased in the amount of coffee drinking in the out-of-home segment. Strategic factors account for Starbucks success in developing brand equity:
1. Starbucks employee training program churns out “baristas” by educating ...view middle of the document...

- Develop local specialties coffee (e.g. coffee luwak, Vietnamese coffee) and it also could be sold outside its origin nation’ store (e.g. sold coffee luwak in Euro, Vietnamese in Indonesia)

- Competitors and Followers, cheaper alternatives from McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts.
- Local coffee shop will develop its local coffee specialties
- To educate customer to a new product as the first mover

What are the advantages of the Starbucks Card to the company and to customers?
To Company:
- Create and maintain customer loyalty
- Used as CRM or Customer Relationship Management
To Customers:
- Could be a discount card or give benefit to customer in the future
- Felt an exclusivity of Starbucks society

What should Starbucks do to continue growing its revenues and earnings?
- Develop new and or local coffee specialties
- Expand to new qualified locations for new stores (high traffic and high visibility locations)
- Continues Innovation and improvement of quality service and products
- Retain its loyal customer based
- Keep up date and following any recent world’ and local’ social and environmental development and issues
- Provide drive through and delivery order

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