Starbucks Organization Behavior Essay

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MGMT 591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Kevin Smith
September 25, 2013

The organization that I have chosen to discuss in my course project and will be talked about in the final is Starbucks coffee. Starbucks is a coffee company that has been around since 1971. They are known for their roasted coffee, pastries, and teas. They were formed in Seattle, Washington by 3 men by the name of Gorden Bowker, Jerry Balwin, and Zac Siegl. They have over 15,000 stores in 50 countries. They serve about 35 million customers a week within all the stores that are open.

They contrite on the 3 organizational behaviors of culture, communication, and structure. They believe that ...view middle of the document...

They have to know is there an ethical problem and if so what is needed to be done to correct the problem. If there is an obstacles what is needed to be done to resolve it. Always be willing to listen to input from others. Starbucks believes that you should always follow through on the decisions that are made for the company. Reason being that decision are put in order for a reason and they will and most of the reason it that.
Ways that Starbucks can go about helping the company perform and get where they need to be and where they should as a 35 million dollar company. When you are a high recognized company that has a very big aspect on the company they should be able to keep the company where they should be. When this happens there are different things that could happen and they have to be able to communicate the way that they should to make sure they keep the company running and up on the logical of everything. When you have to look at communication you have a lot that needs to be looked at.
Starbucks makes sure that they perform their best when it comes to making a drink and making sure they do what is needed to make sure their company is performing the way that it is meant to perform. When you have to stand up to a name that is well know as much as Starbucks is you have to make sure that you can show them the things that are needed. When you have to know what a customer wants and how they want it, you should have no problem making the daring that they want.
Sometimes when it comes to a company having to make sure that they have all the necessary things that they need to run a business. When they have a problem with a ways that a store is being ran or the way that the employee is running a store they have to take behavior actions that is needed to make sure that they are not losing customers due to these problems.
Social Responsibility had a big part of any organization or company that is out there in the world that wants to be well know. When you have society that has so many responsibility’s that you don’t realize that they have on a company, until you run a business. Starbucks has shown that they know what people are looking for and what they are wanting out of an organization. When this happens you will find that if something is needed to be changed or needing something that need to be round they will find out from the society what is needed to be done differently and they will find out of the is something that is needed to truly to be changed that many people are looking at or is this just something that one person is wanting.
When this happens there are many things that will come about and play a role in these things. When you have a group of people that will come to Starbucks and have a coffee, tea, or even a lilt bite to eat. These are the people that will go out into the community or even out into the work and will let people know what kind of serve that they had. This will also let them know what is going good for the...

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