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Starbucks Research Paper

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A Fortune 500 Company

Business Management Issues


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Mr. Jessie Bellflowers

A research paper presented to Fayetteville Technical Community college in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Business Management Issues Capstone Course.

Fayetteville Technical Community College

July 20, 2014


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Starbucks is now a multinational coffeehouse servicing over 49 different countries. They have an advantage competitively over several other coffeehouses in the world. Starbucks has done this be using a successful approach when it came to the matters of business. This being the “everything matters” approach. You can see this also in their mission statement which is, “Our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit-one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.”
Starbucks has successfully be a top employer also. They work with their employees as a partner. They want the employee to know that it is acceptable and wanted for them to move up the corporate ladder. They do this by working on all levels of management with each employee.
Starbucks is also about the environment and community. They work with many partner networks and have their own Starbuck foundation to help others. They pride themselves on being a diversified company, caring and eco-friendly organization.
The profits of Starbucks has grown tremendously over the years. Just in 2013 they had made an overall revenue of over 14 billion. This is not the end for them. They are in production to open even more stores worldwide. With 1500 new Starbucks stores worldwide and 600 of them being in the US, they are not stopping anytime soon. Starbucks has even decided to open a new market of product. They want to cash in on the lunch and dinner crowd also. So these new coffeehouses will entail a new menu also. The new products will be a range items for all meals. Don’t think they are going to be the next McDonalds or Burger King, no way. It is an upscale bistro atmosphere with the Starbucks experience.

Company Overview – Organizational Overview

Starbucks organizational structure is similar to many other organizations. The headquarters is in Seattle, Washington and the executives there oversee the whole company. District Managers are the ones who report to them. These District managers oversee a grouping of stores in regional areas. Under the district managers you have individual store managers. The store managers run each Starbucks store and then reports back to the district manager. Within each store you have shift supervisors, they help run individual shifts and report information to the store manager. At the bottom of the organization you have an employee. Starbucks calls these employees “Baristas”. The baristas report to the shift supervisors.
Starbucks culture is for more than just the average person. They strive to make their business accessible to all disabilities. With every 5 people there is one that has a disability. To Starbucks this is not a downfall but a way to make others comfortable with themselves and the company. They even have a brail brochure in the US for the many Americans that are blind. To make the diversity even more advance they have partnered with many network groups. They are also planning to build their work with the...

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