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Statement Of Purpose Essay

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I am very grateful for providing me this opportunity to pen my brief statement of purpose. I would also like to express this with the most sincere sense of gratification. My decision to pursue post graduate study blends my objective of taking up a research oriented career in biomedical and health care engineering with emphasis on biomechanics.

Early days of my student life instilled in me a liking for technical and experimentation oriented field. This was when I understood my proper taste and skill that included a profound love for science and mathematics. I took keen interest to develop in me, an inquisitive attitude engraving a deep rooted love for science and mathematics scoring over 82% in my high school and 73% in the higher secondary sections with above 75% marks in science and mathematics. I have done a certified course in Microsoft Office. I have obtained Certificate of Merit for computer programming from NIIT. The immense opportunities, ...view middle of the document...

The 4th semester project entitled Digital Heartbeat Counter was a device capable of counting the heart beat digitally. The 5th semester project on PC Based Bedridden Patient Supporting System enabled me to get the knowhow of the blend of computer technology and with healthcare and how technology can come in aid to even a terminally ill patient. The concept behind my project is the use of wireless communication systems in aiding a person in his day to day activities.

The 6th semester mini project titled Digital Erythrocyte Sedimentation rate meter that measures the sedimentation rate of erythrocytes in blood, which can serve as primary indicator of infections in the body. I am currently working on the final year main project titled Biofeedback Assisted Robotic Orthosis for Gait disorder Analysis and Neuromuscular Rehabilitation. The project has been submitted for the Innovative Engineering Projects. Being the Study Group Leader, Class Leader, Tour Coordinator, convener for several intra and inter collegiate programs as well as national level technical fests, I have gained sufficient managerial and leadership qualities and helped me in maintaining a good rapport with people that has helped me to establish within me an optimistic, service minded and self reliant personality.

My extracurricular activities include quizzing, debating, and other allied competitions. I have also won prizes for technical paper presentation competitions held at intercollegiate and national level. I have participated in mime competitions and won prizes for the same.

Higher education in your institution would stand as the manifestation of my burning desire of academic achievement with professional competence. The well qualified and experienced faculty, excellent laboratory facilities, application oriented training, exceptional research work and inspiration given to students at your university would provide me with an ideal platform to pursue a research oriented career in biomechanics, biomaterials, artificial organs and implants and allied disciplines. Your university is the right place for achieving all my goals. I would very much grateful to you if I am accorded with the opportunity to pursue my masters in Biomedical Engineering from your eminent university.

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