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Steve Jobs Leader Essay

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Creativity in decision-making, charismatic leadership, and the ability to adapt to changing

market conditions mark Apple Computer’s success under Steve Jobs. He co-founded Apple Computer

and assumed leadership positions that helped it grow into a respectable company in hardware and

software. The company contributed to the digital age in a remarkable way by introducing the first

commercially successful graphical user interface in 1984 (Apple, Inc, 2006). Jobs creativity skills are

evident in the major decisions that allowed Apple to emerge as an innovation leader. For example, the

alliance with Microsoft ensured Apple’s survival by making an interested friend out a ...view middle of the document...

A couple of leadership theories apply to Steve Jobs. One of them is the charismatic leadership

theory. Jobs had a vision to turn Apple around by focusing on producing software and “customer

experience” (Investor relations, 2007). Also, he is clearly prepared to take personal risks to achieve his

vision. For example, his approach to former foe, Bill Gates, and partnering with Microsoft carried a

great deal of risk. In addition, Jobs exhibited a high level of sensitivity to his followers by attributing

the success to them when he credited the company’s ability to maintain focus on innovation and

customers. Finally, he exhibited out of the ordinary behavior by his ability to turn the company around

from near failure to astounding success. Another theory that applies to Steve Jobs, but to a lesser

degree, is the transactional leadership theory. First, Jobs established the strategy for the company’s

main goal that is pre-established – to turn itself around. He...

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